Artifilo.Tech was born in 1997 thanks to the willpower of two brothers, Bruno and Giovanni Signori, to give continuity and innovation to the previous organization created in 1981.

We are an artisan company, dynamic, versatile and constantly expanding, and we are able to keep up with the times. We base our work on commissions (orders): we have the possibility of paying the greatest attention to both the prototype phase and small production batches and big batches made up of thousand pieces.

Our strong point is the constant presence of the owner and, above all, his experience and know-how which can offer to the customer effective and efficient solutions.

We can count on years of experience in the metallurgic and mechanic field, such as light metallic carpentry and production of furniture components. Our products fit different sectors, ranging from indoor and outdoor furniture, automotive, gardening, objects in general to urban furniture.

Since 2000 we have specialised in high quality furniture and design sector, developing specific projects on client’s demand, for example chairs, stools, armchairs, tables, chandeliers, items for community. In the last decade, we have stood out collaborating with well-known Companies, leader in furniture sector.